Sports are a popular hobby for many people. Different countries organize thousands of sports events each year.

Betway offers the latest match results for basketball, cricket, hockey, tennis, and volleyball. Some sports fans struggle to track certain sports competitions. App developers create sophisticated applications that cover particular sports.

In this post, we discuss six apps each sports fan should download.

Yahoo Sports

The sports app is suitable for Android and iOS gadgets. You can stream NHL and MLB games on Yahoo Sports for free. It provides sports news, statistics, and scores. The application has other features such as a reading icon. You can change the settings of Yahoo Sports on your phone.

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN)

ESPN is a US sports app with a television and radio network that provides sports updates to millions of fans. It is one of the leading apps in the sports industry. The app has a different version for iPhones. It covers the MLS, NFL, NBA, NCAA, and the NHL. ESPN has an edge over most sports apps. It allows you to personalize it on your tech gadget to receive Betway insider sports news from particular events. ESPN has over 100 podcasts that provide highlights and live streams. It allows you to share scores with family and friends.


Many sports fans like TheScore because of its high functionality and versatility. You can develop a personalized feed on your phone to receive information about favorite players and teams. The app covers different competitions such as the MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, and basketball. You can customize its push notifications to get particular news and live scores. TheScore provides notifications, standings, videos and team covers more than 1,000 leagues and it provides full visualization.

CBS Sports

This app covers auto racing, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey competitions. It provides sports fans with news, stats, and scores of their favorite teams. CBS Sports allows you to stream sporting events throughout the year. It has several in-app games such as Pick 4 Fantasy Golf and Kind of the Streak. You can install it on your television to watch live games.

Bleacher Report Team Stream

Bleacher Report is an easy to use app that you can customize. It covers different sports events. The sports app provides images, videos, and scores from genuine sources. Also, it provides sports news from athletes, bloggers, and sports channels. You can select athletes, players or teams that you want to receive recent updates about. Bleacher Report Team Stream provides a high-quality stream. It has an affordable subscription for unique content and games such as the Game of Zones.

FOX Sports Mobile

FOX Sports is a user-friendly sports app with an elegant design. It has a large scoreboard that offers diverse sports news. The app has a personalization feature that allows you to receive headlines, live scores and news from your favorite teams.

Technology has transformed the sports industry of late. Sports fans can stream different events at home or at their workplaces. You can watch any game on your phone or PC. Betway allows punters to place pre-match and live bets. You can get the latest team news from FOX Sports Mobile, Bleacher Report Team Stream, ESPN, and Yahoo Sports.

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