Turn.io, the recently launched behaviour change chat product, has partnered with Mintor, to scale their award-winning youth employment platform in South Africa. The partnership is helping Mintor increase its ability to meet the needs of both young job seekers and businesses looking for entry-level talent.

Already established through Mintor’s online offering, this vital service is now being amplified by Turn.io’s chat platform which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to enable conversations through WhatsApp and Android Messages.

Solving youth unemployment in South Africa

Based in South Africa, Mintor is a social enterprise that is tackling one of the most pressing global issues - global youth unemployment. Focusing the unemployment lens on South Africa reveals an urgent situation: according to  Stats SA figures, 4 in every 10 young people in the South African labour force did not have a job in the first quarter of 2019, equating to an unemployment rate within this group of 39,6%.

Against the backdrop of this crisis, Mintor was built as the first of its kind chat based recruitment platform to help unemployed youth easily access career opportunities - and businesses find the right entry-level talent.

Source: Turn.io

The most effective way of demonstrating the impact of Mintor’s solution is to look at one of its jobseekers - Sbonelo Mkhize. Sbonelo, who resides in a small Kwazulu Natal town, dropped out of Media studies due to lack of funding and almost gave up on applying for jobs as it simply became unaffordable. He registered with Mintor and by simply chatting on WhatsApp, Sbonelo received a professional CV, endorsement for his employable skills and was able to apply for opportunities right there from his small hometown. Within a few weeks, Sbonelo secured a sales internship at a premium dealership and finally regained hope for his future.

Global problem

Like Sbonelo, millions of the world’s youth have become despondent, paying on average $75/pm to look for work. Even if they can afford this cost - and have job-ready skills - many still miss out on opportunities as recruiters simply can’t spot them among the crowd of applicants. Mintor’s chat-platform connects the dots and recommends best-fit matches for sustainable youth development and business growth - the best part being the quick and easy process for both jobseekers and businesses.

“We envision a world where no junior or basic-skilled role goes unfilled or wrongly-filled,” says Mintor’s Leànne Viviers. “Our country can simply not afford that. Everyone has a role to play. Businesses also need to come to the party and be more open-minded about who they consider and how they mentor them into the working world. We strongly believe that our Mintor approach, together with other great youth employment initiatives, means that the private and public sector could make a large scale impact and lift millions out of poverty.”

With its new chat facility powered by Turn.io, Mintor’s social impact is set to be significantly enhanced. In the last two years, the job matchmaking platform has supported over 7,500 youth with CV building, skill endorsements and job applications of which more than a thousand have been placed directly by Mintor into entry-level career opportunities. An incredible 85% of Mintor’s placed candidates have remained in their positions for longer than a year as a result of the platform’s unique sourcing and screening techniques. This is well above the industry average of 45%. This strong foundation has already seen Mintor recognised with several awards and nominations: the social enterprise was named the Silicon Cape Startup Competition Winner in 2015 and was part of the SAB Foundation Social Impact Awards in 2018. “Our vision is that Mintor will impact millions of underserved youth globally,” says Viviers.

“Turn was developed to use chat to achieve real social impact and we’re delighted to be working with Mintor in the area of youth employment and job creation,” concludes Gustav Praekelt, Turn.io co-founder. “This particular platform showcases how meaningful conversation and engagement through scalable chat can serve the needs of both sides of a societal challenge – in this case, unemployed youth in underserved and under-resourced communities and employers with a need for quick, reliable and cost-effective entry-level recruitment.”

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