Andela has signed an agreement with Egypt's Information Technology Industry Development (ITIDA) for its expansion into the North African country. As part of this agreement the ITIDA will help Andela select and invest in a minimum of 200 senior Egyptian software engineers.

Egypt will also become Andela's first fully remote centre.

“Andela builds world-class engineering teams, and we are excited to be enhancing our talent pool as we expand into Egypt. We’ve been impressed by the incredible engineering talent we’ve seen so far across the country, and we’re excited to help raise the profile of Egypt’s tech ecosystem on the global stage,” said Jeremy Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of Andela.

A deal that's 2 years in the making

The launch of Andela doesn't come as much of a surprise. In 2017, part of Andela's senior management team visited Egypt and held meetings with ITIDA as iAfrikan reported. The aim of the meetings was to to explore cooperation and investment opportunities with regards to Andela's training of software developers in Egypt.

The agreement is reported to be in line with Egypt’s ICT strategy to target increasing the annual export of ICT services. In 2018 Egypt's ICT services industry was generating revenues of approximately $3,67 billion according to some reports.

“We are pleased to be working closely with Andela to continue to invest in Africa’s most talented software developers. So, we are happy with the company’s decision to invest in Egypt where it gets access to a rich talent pool and enjoys geographic proximity to international markets that perfectly fits the engineering-as-a-service business and would further boost the company’s growth,” said Hala El Gohary, CEO of Egypt's ITIDA.

Engineering as a Service

Andela, which some have termed an Engineering-as-a-Service company, has to-date hired over 80 senior engineers from Cairo, Alexandria, Damnhour, Port Saeed and Mansoura in Egypt. As part of Egypt being its first fully remote center, Rama El Safty assumes the role of Andela country director for Egypt.

“Egypt’s ICT sector has seen significant growth over the last years, as the government has actively focused on strengthening and accelerating digital transformation. We would like to thank the Minister of Communications and Information Technology and ITIDA for collaborating with us during our move into our first MENA region market,” said Safty.

Andela runs on a remote working model, whereby Andela engineers join engineering teams of leading technology companies to help them build products quickly and cost-effectively. The move into Egypt comes as Andela is undergoing some changes as explained by its CEO, Seni Sulyman. Part of those changes have involved the laying off hundreds of junior software engineers.

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