Content plays a significant role in the success of a website. We all know that text content has immense importance in helping a website and its pages achieve a good rank in result pages of search engines such as Google Search. Therefore, it’s crucial to upload original and high-quality content. As otherwise, if the content on your website matches other sources, it can damage the reputation and ranking even if it had been ranked on the top.

In the worst-case scenario, your website might get removed entirely from the searches.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that other people are copying your site’s content and posting on their websites. Their site or web pages might end up getting a higher rank than yours, and it would inevitably cause frustration. Hence, before it’s too late, you should be aware of the ways that can help you identify plagiarism for both cases.

Before moving to the solution, let’s first consider going through the causes of duplication.

Accidental vs. Intentional Plagiarism

Sometimes, there is a possibility that your ideas or your content’s wording might match with information that is already existing on the internet. This type of copying is unintended, but this doesn’t mean that it can be overlooked. Therefore, you should resolve this problem before the original author catches your wrongful act.

If the readers have identified duplication from your work, they won’t think whether it is done deliberately or not. Your content will simply earn bad remarks and untrustworthiness; hence, you should remove it before making it available for the visitors. The most common reason for accidental duplication could be:

•         Poor Knowledge of Referencing. You might be willing to quote a popular saying of any well-known person in your content. But, you might end up copy-pasting the words without giving quotation marks or reference to the author. This act can make readers think you’ve plagiarized. Therefore, it’s essential to reassess what you’ve written and adequately highlight the words you’ve taken from another source.

In contrast, intentional plagiarism can be much severe than accidental. Many people try to manipulate their rankings in order to get high traffic by providing similar information on multiple pages of a website. This could bring short term benefits for a site owner, but in the long term, it would result in colossal damage. The search engines will penalize your site by dropping its page rankings. Besides, people wouldn’t like to revisit your website as they don’t want to go through something that they’ve already read. The most common form of deliberate plagiarism is:

•         Reusing your own words. While writing on a similar topic, some people take ideas and words from their previously written articles. You might be wondering that using your own words isn’t duplication, but it is. Even if you’re taking help from your earlier blogs, it is mandatory to cite them properly. Generally, the focus of readers is on what is written instead of who has written. Thus, if they read the same thing twice without seeing any reference or citation, they would consider it as plagiarism.

Purify your work from plagiarism with web-based tools

As mentioned earlier, plagiarism can occur intentionally or unintentionally. Thus, writers and publishers must assure the originality of work before making it public. The most efficient way of checking duplication from your work is an anti-plagiarism tool by Many websites are providing plagiarism checking tools for making the life of writers a little easier. Undoubtedly, there is no way a person can match his/her content with the abundant information available on the internet. Therefore, using these tools is probably the best way of assuring the originality of your work. If any of the tools detect plagiarism from your text, then you must consider rewriting it until it’s eliminated.

Plus, you can check for plagiarism for free!

Yes, you read that right!

Many websites are offering this service without charging a penny. But, it’s essential to go through multiple checkers to find out the best freebie. You might be reluctant to enter your work in the online tools due to privacy concerns. But, you should know that some secured websites are providing multiple tools for conducting text analysis. Therefore, all you have to do is try different tools until you get hands-on a trustworthy plagiarism checker.

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