The 2019 Rugby World Cup has had some unexpected twists and turns. South Africa once held the longest winning streak against Wales. Recently, Wales has been beating South Africa.

Wales at the Rugby World Cup

Wales has participated in all Rugby World Cup since it was established in 1989. In the inaugural match, the finished in third place and have not been able to match this record since then. In the 2011 Rugby World Cup, they finished in fourth place. Between March 2018 and March 2018, the team won 14 consecutive rugby matches, and that took them to the top of the world rugby ratings. They had never reached this rank before. Their victories culminated in the winnings against South Africa, in this year’s world cup. But Wales is yet to win the Rugby World Cup.

South Africa at the Rugby World Cup

On the other hand, South Africa is among the four countries that have ever won the Rugby World Cup. The country has won the cup twice, once in 1995 and again in 2007. It is worth noting that the country did not participate in the first two world cups as they were boycotted for their apartheid system. Their first match in the Rugby World Cup was held in 1995, and the country served as the host of the matches. South Africa ended up being the champion of their first match in the Rugby World Cup.

South Africa has been among the three best performing teams in the Rugby World Cup, and despite their recent losses, most people are still optimistic that the country will win in their match against Wales. Australia has also won two championships in the Rugby World Cup, and New Zealand has won three. That means New Zealand is the only country that has won more championships than South Africa. England stands at the end with a single win in the Rugby World Cup. If South Africa wins in their match against Wales, they will face England in the finals and could take the cup for the third time. You should note that their match against England will be a rerun of the 2007 match, where South Africa also beat England.

Wales vs. South Africa 2019

The question on most people’s minds is whether Wales will still beat South Africa in the Saturday match. Wales has won the last four matches against South Africa, but before that, they only won two of their 31 matches against the Boks.

The last South African win against Wales came in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and it was in the quarter-finals. This particular world cup was won by the Boks after Fourie du Preez made a try in the 75th minute.

Currently, South Africa and New Zealand stand as the only two countries that have never been beaten in a World Cup by Wales. Although Wales has been beating South Africa lately, they have never won a match against South Africa in the Rugby World Cup. That being said, South Africa and Wales have typically had underwhelming games that end up in small differences at the end of the games. This means Wales poses a big challenge to South Africa in the semi-finals match.

Since 1906, the countries have played against each other 35 times, and South Africa has won 28 of these matches. Wales has won six of these matches, and four of them were the last four matches between the two teams. One of their games ended in a draw. All the games won by Wales were held in their home country, and on the other hand, South Africa has won 10 of their home matches. Wales has not won any of their away games, but South Africa has managed to win 15 of their matches in Wales. The single match drawn was held in a neutral venue.

The semi-finals match is set to be held in the International Stadium Yokohama, in Japan. Since this is a neutral venue, it is highly likely that South Africa will win the match. It is possible that Wales has upped its game and has become a major force against South Africa. In their last match against South Africa in 2018, Wales got a confident 20-11 victory. This match was held in Principality Stadium, Cardiff. This particular match was tight and intense, with South Africa responding aggressively to a 14-point deficit 16 minutes into the game. The South African team hit back through centre Jesse Kriel's touchdown.

This is the third time Wales will be participating in the semi-finals, and everyone is keen to see whether they will qualify to the finals for the first time since the Rugby World Cup was started in 1987. Their opponent this time around seems to have been weakened, but there are still high chances that South Africa will beat Wales and proceed to the finals with England. This is based on the history of the two teams. The winning streak of Wales against South Africa may come to an end when the two teams face each other in Japan, which is a neutral venue.


South Africa has a more successful rugby team compared to Wales, but recently, Wales has won several matches against South Africa. The past four matches against South Africa were all won by Wales.

The two teams are set to play in the International Stadium Yokohama, which is located in Japan. Historically, Wales has only been able to beat South Africa when the games were played in Wales. In neutral venues, they have drawn once, and South Africa has won four matches. The knowledge of statistic facts like this are very important for successful sports betting, like No Risk Matched Betting Canada. There is a small chance that the teams will draw in Japan, but the bigger chances are that South Africa will beat Wales. If South Africa wins the match, they will proceed to the finals to face England. This will be a rerun of the 2007 match, where South Africa won the cup. You can place a bet on this match in the no-risk matched betting Canada websites.

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