Initially having rolled out live and pre-recorded sports content to a randomly selected group of customers in South Africa, Showmax followed this by rolling the new feature out to all its customers in South Africa. Now, the video streaming service owned by Multichoice Group has announced that sport live streaming will be available on Showmax Kenya.

The new sports content includes live streaming of selected events from top international football leagues, athletics, motorsport, tennis, golf, and EFC (Extreme Fighting Championship).

โ€œItโ€™s early days for sport on Showmax - at the moment weโ€™re in a testing phase to gauge interest. Weโ€™ll be trying a bunch of different content to see what works and see how people interact with it. There are now three major content legs to Showmax. First, weโ€™ve got international smash hits from the likes of HBO, the people who brought the world Game of Thrones. Second, weโ€™re the home of African content with a huge catalogue of top-flight local shows and movies. And now with sport weโ€™ve added a unique third leg, something that we think clearly sets Showmax apart and gives us the competitive edge," said Niclas Ekdahl, CEO of MultiChoiceโ€™s Connected Video division.

In addition to this, the sport section features, Showmax has stated that extended highlights will be included from major events including the Rugby World Cup and popular magazine shows including the following:

  • Africa Sport On
  • Soccer Africa
  • What a Weekend
  • First XV
  • Inside Edge
  • Extra Cover
  • Final Whistle
  • EFC Insider

The video streaming business can be said to be a tough one to compete in considering the number of competitors and the content on offer. As such, offering sports live streaming could just be the main differentiator that helps Showmax race ahead of the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime in Africa.

Most video streaming services have similar catalogs of series and movies and very little differs between them with only exclusive content being the main differentiator. This will likely present viewers in Kenya with an interesting choice to make when considering which on-demand video service to subscribe to.

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