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If you have been following South African politics for the past few years, especially on Twitter, you would probably have come across the name Gwen Ngwenya. She is a former Member of Parliament representing the Democratic Alliance (DA), the official opposition in South Africa.

More interesting, is how, despite the insults that have been hurled at her on social media and sometimes in Main Stream Media (MSM), Gwen has kept her cool and argued her points with little emotion. As such, I thought since she has now declined to be an MP, it would be great to discuss a few things with her around South African politics and some issues such as affirmative action.

Gwen now runs her technology advisory and policy firm in South Africa called TechPol. In this podcast, we also talk about some of the emerging technology trends such as the on-demand (gig) economy and how governments should approach them from a policy point of view.

Biography: Gwen Ngwenya

Gwen is a public policy expert. She was Chief Operating Officer at a South African think tank before taking up the role as Head of Policy and MP in the national legislature (Parliament).

Before moving back to South Africa she lived in France, India, and the UK where she worked as an economist covering the pharmaceutical and airline industries. Her interest in tech began when she was recruited by a global fintech company.

She has degrees from the University of Cape Town (BSocSc) and Université Paris XII (International Economics) , where she wrote her thesis on Optimal Cartel Policy in India.

Podcast notes

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Company: TechPol

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