Hillary Innocent Seguya Taylor, a Ugandan citizen studying for a Master's Degeree in International Relations at Harvard University, is taking Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni to court because Museveni blocked him on Twitter. Taylor alleges that as a Ugandan citizen living abroad, one of the few ways to keep up with politics and governance in the country is through the social media platform.

Along with Museveni, Taylor is also suing Ofwono Opondo, Uganda's government spokesperson, and Asan Kasingye, Uganda Police's Chief Political Commissar, who Taylor has also accused of blocking.

β€œThat before being blocked, I used the same Twitter social media platform handles to communicate my views, dismays and suggestions to the respective officers. The effect of blocking me from the respective Twitter accounts is that I am now not capable of following and viewing the Tweets on their respective Twitter social media platform handles and hence not capable of contacting, replying, liking, tagging, retweeting and knowing the public information thereon or commenting on the same,” said Taylor.

With the case, Taylor is asking that the three Ugandan government officials reverse their decision to block him on Twitter as well as pay for general damages for the inconvenience caused. The case was Β filed in the High Court in Kampala by Taylor's attorney, Male Mabirizi.

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