Jack Dorsey, CEO and Founder of Twitter, has had his Twitter account hacked. What started of as a confusing and rather offensive tweet by Jack using the "N-word", it now appears after several more racially charged tweets and one proclaiming Hitler innocent that Jack's Twitter account has been hacked.

This was later then followed by several tweets asking people to follow a specific Twitter account (perhaps of the hacker?).

Whatever the case is, it is definitely not a good look for the social media company which has previously claimed to have a grip on some of the privacy issues it previously experienced.

Twitter has not issued a statement so far after thirty minutes.

Update - 22h49 CAT

Looking at the tweets that were posted under Jack's Twitter account before they were deleted thirty minutes later, they show that they were sent using "Cloudhopper." Cloudhopper is an SMS-to-Twitter service that the social media company acquired during 2010.

As such, pending an explanation from Jack and Twitter, it is likely that it is not his actual Twitter account that was hacked but rather most probably the hacker/s accessed his login details for the Cloudhopper system which was still linked to his Twitter account and enabled them to tweet using SMS.

This is a developing story.

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