Egypt's Supreme Media Council issued an official order on Saturday, 24 August 2019, to block two news websites for publishing false information about Huawei. Based on filings by Huawei Technologies, the websites, Al-Akhbariya and Al-Sabah News, are accused of allegedly blackmailing the Chinese technology company and trying to harm its reputation and projects in Egypt.

However, the websites have denied the allegations. They have stated that all they requested was advertising money from Huawei.

The Supreme Media Council reported that it held several meetings to investigate the complaint against the websites during which it listened to testimonies and reviewed documents. The conclusion reached by the council was that both Al-Akhbariya and Al-Sabah News violated Egypt's code of media ethics.

As a result, the council issued an official order for ISPs in Egypt to block the websites for three months. Added to being blocked the two websites both chaired by Marwa Abu El-Zahr were ordered to delete the alleged false news published about Huawei.

During 2018 Egypt finally started implementing their law for the regulation of online media publications as well as social media. Part of the law required that online media publications apply to the Supreme Media Council for a license or failing which, they would be blocked. As part of the application process, online media publications are also required to submit information on what their editorial policy is, language of publication, organizational structure, how the website is funded, and all its URLs as well as physical addresses.

Another condition for the block of Β Al-Akhbariya and Al-Sabah News to be lifted is that they both need to publish an apology to Huawei.

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