The rise of mobile technology is the future of the world. The significant advancements in digital technology have made the world a better place. Mobile technology in Africa has changed the landscape in the continent to great heights.

According to the latest statistics, the number of mobile phone users in Africa is increasing.

It is clear that mobile technology is changing all aspects of life in Africa and countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa have been spearheading this great revolution. For instance, you have the likes of Betway Zambia coming up. Betway is becoming more popular across Africa as it helps you bet on all your favorite matches anytime. Plus, you can win big on Betway too!

What has led to the growth of mobile technology in Africa?

Mobile phones have saturated the African market. There are all kinds of phones which are found all over the continent from the complex phones to the less genuine phones. It is safe to say that mobile phones are computers in Africa because they can do anything and everything.

Secondly, the growth of African mobile technology can be attributed to a stable Internet connection. In the past, the only way that Africa could access link was through satellite. However, fiber connectivity has made it possible for individuals to obtain a reliable Internet connection.

For instance, a country like Kenya is connected internally and externally by four fiber optic cables. It is expected that the annual growth rate of revenue for Internet providers in Kenya has risen by 20% from 2014-2019. According to PwC revenues for Internet providers in Kenya are set to reach $1,228 billion this year.

The young African generation is also leading to the growth of mobile technology in the continent. The youth are becoming more interested in the world of technology. There are a lot of students in secondary or at the university who are inventing new software. This has been made through access to information which is at their disposal.

What is the impact of mobile technology in Africa?

The growth of technology has had tremendous effects on various fields. For instance, in the health sector, there are a lot of health organizations which have taken to mobile tech to provide information. Uganda is an excellent example of a country which has made mobile technology in the health sector to the next level. Β The country has developed a mobile vital record system(MVRS), which registers childbirth and death rates.

Education is another sector that has been positively impacted by mobile technology. Schools in Africa are using mobile to access information. Home-schooling is made impossible because of individuals can even tutor themselves.

Mobile money transfer is growing in various countries such as Kenya. The country has eased the transfer of funds in the financial sector through mobile money. There are a lot of fintech startups in Africa that are growing due to mobile technology.

How do you think tech is changing Africa?

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