Apparently a lot of people lie about their music taste. This is according to research commissioned by digital music streaming platform Deezer.

This could come as a surprise however Deezer say they reached out to 8,000 adults in in four different countries to find out if people were entirely honest when it came to sharing their music preferences.

“Our music taste reflects who we are. It shouldn’t matter if our friends don’t like the same songs or artists. We’d love people to be more open and honest the next time your colleague or friend says they’re not a fan of your favourite artist. You never know, you might even change their mind!” said Frédéric Antelme, VP of Content and Productions at Deezer.

The study looked across Brazil, France, Germany and the USA, and found 42% of people tell white lies about songs or artists they like or listen to. The primary reason why we pretend is to avoid hurting someone’s feelings (40%). Despite almost half of the 8,000 respondents admitted to stretching the truth, a musical white lie can actually become a pathway to discovery and over two thirds (70%) go on to listen to the track they were dishonest about.

The participants revealed their ‘musical mistruths’ involved pretending to like an artist or song they’d never heard or didn’t like (19%) or claiming to dislike a song or an artist when they actually loved them (12%).

The top 5 situations to tell ‘musical mistruths’ included:

1)    To not hurt someone’s feelings when they play you a song (40%)

2)    Avoid embarrassment on a first date (21%)

3)    Appear more sophisticated in front of work colleagues (14%)

4)    Discontinue a conversation when asked about music you haven’t heard (13%)

5)    In front of children or family members when lyrics are obviously rude or explicit (10%)

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