Konami, the creators of Pro Evolution Soccer game (PES), has secured exclusive rights with Serie A's Juventus FC for their upcoming PES 2020 game. This follows EA SPORTS confirming that as of 30 June 2019 marked the end of its partnership with the Italian club that Cristiano Ronaldo plays for. This means that, as EA SPORTS have stated, Juventus will not feature in the upcoming FIFA 20 game and instead will be replaced by a fictional team known as Piemonte Calcio.

Earlier in July 2019 Konami announced it had partnered with the English Premier League's Manchester United and the German Bundesliga's Bayern Munich. However, unlike the Juventus partnership, these two partnerships are not exclusive.

eFootball PES 2020 x Juventus FC – EXCLUSIVE Partnership Announcement Trailer.

Monopoly and popularity

Over the decades, EA SPORTS has managed to cement their FIFA football game franchise as the most dominant one through acquiring exclusive licenses with various football leagues and teams around the world. With Juventus signing an exclusive deal with Konami, this cold be signalling the start of chipping away at EA SPORTS football gaming monopoly given also the popularity and pulling power of the Serie A team's star player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo's transfer fee and jersey sales in first 24 hours since merchandise release. Source: Forbes

As an indication of Cristiano Ronaldo's popularity, consider that within 24 hours of purchasing the player in 2018 from Real Madrid, Juventus sold $62 million worth or Ronaldo replica jerseys.

How will this impact FIFA 20 game?

According to EA SPORTS, the end of their partnership with Juventus will have the following effects on the FIFA 20 game and future FIFA Mobile Seasons:

  • Piemonte Calcio will be a new playable team in FIFA 20 with a custom badge and kit throughout Kick-Off, Career Mode, and EA SPORTS VOLTA Football.
  • Piemonte Calcio will use real-world, authentic players in FIFA 20 and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.
  • Piemonte Calcio players' Chemistry within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is unaffected by these changes.

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