On 21 June 2019, Google's third Launchpad Accelerator Africa class of startups graduated in Lagos, Nigeria. The Launchpad Accelerator Africa Class 3 was made up of 12 startups from ย 6 different countries, namely Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda.

The Launchpad Accelerator is part of a programme run by Google as part of its ongoing efforts to support entrepreneurship in Africa. What is notable is that 58% of the graduating startups had female co-founders.

"This represents an alignment towards building AI-first startups powered by Google technology. The startups in this class have raised close to $9-million in funding, created more than 120 jobs and their products and services have over 270 000 users. We know that Africa is awash with entrepreneurial potential,โ€ he says. โ€œIf that potential is to be transformed into job creation, startups founded by those entrepreneurs need to grow. This programme is about giving them the best possible chance of achieving that growth," said ย Fola Olatunji-David, Head of Startup success and services for Google's Launchpad Accelerator Africa.

The graduating startups now form part of Google Launchpad Accelerator Africaโ€™s alumni along with the 23 startups from Classes 1 and 2 who between them have created 385 direct jobs and raised over $19-million before, during and after they participated in the programme.

The 12 startups that graduated are:

54Gene (Nigeria): Improves drug discovery by researching multiple genetically diverse African populations.

Data Integrated Limited (Kenya): Automates and digitises SME payments, connecting the street to high finance.

Instadiet.me (Egypt): Connects patients to credible nutritionists and dietitians online to help them maintain a healthy and optimal weight.

Kwara (Kenya): Provides a rich digital banking platform to established fair lenders such as credit unions or savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs), with an open API to enable and accelerate their inclusion into the formal financial ecosystem.

OkHi (Kenya): A physical addressing platform for emerging markets that is on a mission to enable the 4 billion without a physical address to โ€œbe includedโ€.

PAPS (Senegal): A logistics startup with a strong client-care orientation, focused on last mile delivery in the domestic market that features live tracking, an intelligent address system and automatic dispatch.

ScholarX (Nigeria): An education startup that connects high potential students with funding opportunities to help them advance in their studies.

Swipe2pay (Uganda) - A web and mobile payments solution that democratizes electronic payments for SMEs by making it easy for them to accept mobile as a mode of payment.

Tambua Health Inc. (Kenya): The Tambua App turns a normal smartphone into a powerful, non-invasive diagnostic tool for Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. It uses a cough sound acoustic signature, symptoms, risk factors and clinical information to come up with a diagnostic report.

Voyc.ai (South Africa): Voyc.ai's CX Research Platform helps companies understand their customers by turning their customer research into insights, personas and customer journey maps.

WellaHealth (Nigeria): A pharmacy marketplace for affordable high-quality disease-care (such as malaria treatment) driven by artificial intelligence.

Zomila (formerly Zelda Learning) (South Africa): Provides free online career guidance for students looking to enter university and then links them to funding and study opportunities.

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