South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to deliver his speech at the inaugural 4th Industrial Revolution SA Digital Economy Summit via a hologram. The summit, which will take place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on 5 July 2019, will witness Ramaphosa deliver a keynote address which will simultaneously be broadcast live as a hologram to an audience at the Rustenburg Civic Centre.

The Summit will be hosted by the 4th Industrial Revolution South Africa partnership (4IRSA), Β an alliance between partners from the public and private sectors, academia and civil society.

"The Summit will feature various breakaway sessions to interrogate key themes, including: Competitiveness, Concentration and Inequality; The Future of Work and Jobs; Society, State & Citizen; Opportunities; Critical Success Factors and the 4th IR in the township economy. In showcasing the advancements in technology and immense opportunities of the digital economy, the first-of-its-kind, live holographic projection of President Ramaphosa’s address will be transmitted to the Rustenburg Civic Centre in the North West," a statement from the President's office reported.

4IRSA is a platform that aims to bring together stakeholders, decision makers, and pioneers to define the principles, visions and outcomes of industry 4.0 and its future effects on South Africa and to engage in constructive discussions, explore best practices, and propose solutions to address the challenges.

"A 3D hologram is a projection that exists freely in space and is visible without the need for 3D glasses. It displays products, objects, and animated sequences three-dimensionally and enables seemingly real objects or animations to appear to float completely freely in space. This method of using a 3D hologram opens up a completely new, revolutionary way of presenting products," reads a statement by South Africa's Department of Communications.

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