Aliko Dangote's cement company will be using an iris based biometric technology system to keep an eye on its 30,000 staff spread across the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia mad Senegal. The system, known as Iris ID, is developed by a company bearing the same name which was formerly known LG Electronics Iris Technology Division.

Dangote Cement has switched from its older time clocks and fingerprint ID system which, it is reported, had become inaccurate and slow to process. The iris recognition biometric solution was initially tested in Dangote's Mugher plant in Ethiopia in 2018.

“Iris-based technology is not only contactless and more accurate but also faster than our previous system. The Iris ID readers provide us with a secure time and attendance solution, deployed in Dangote Group’s public cloud that integrates seamlessly with the enterprise resource planning system at our Nigerian headquarters,” said Prasanna Burri, Group Chief Information Officer at Dangote Group.

The system will be used at the Dangote Cement manufacturing plants across the five countries. The primary point where the system will be used will be at the turnstiles when staff enter the cement plants or leave. Unlike other biometric systems like fingerprint readers, the iris reader is contactless and as such reduces queues but also possibility of bacteria and viruses spreading among employees. Added to that, given that each person's iris is unique, it reduces inaccuracies in recording employee attendance.

“Our contactless readers work well in a dusty environment and are unaffected by employees wearing safety glasses and other protective gear. Dangote is the largest indigenous industrial conglomerate in sub-Saharan Africa, helping to drive the continent’s growth. We’re happy to play a part,” Mohammed Murad, vice president global sales and business development, Iris ID.

According to Dangote Cement the initial installation of the system was completed by Maxut Consulting Ltd. Of Lagos, Nigeria.

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