Following on from their R20 million investment into South African civic technology platform (GovChat), the Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed Capital Appreciation has announced that their Non-Executive Chairman, Michael "Motty Sacks, will now also serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors at GovChat.

Sacks is an experienced business executive in South Africa with over 50 years experience.

“We’re delighted to have Motty serve as Chairman of the Board, his extensive experience in business, his current BEE mentoring activities and his BEE promotional history, suggest a mutually rewarding relationship going forward," said Eldrid Jordaan, CEO at GovChat.

GovChat Proprietary Limited (“GovChat.Org” or “GovChat”), the South African-based technology platform today announces the appointment of Michael “Motty” Sacks as its Chairman.

Sacks hasheld Executive and Non-Executive office in several business sectors, including healthcare, financial services, technology, education, property and manufacturing. Motty was a co-founder of Netcare Limited, having served as its Executive Chairman, thereafter as a Non-Executive Director until his retirement. He was also a co-founder and Chairman of JSE listed Aplitec Limited (now Net 1) and a co-founder, Director and mentor to JSE listed Afrocentric Investment Corporation Limited.

The appointment of Sacks as Chairman at GovChat can be seen to signal the civic technology platform's ambitions to grow and expand beyond South Africa as it aims to help governments to better engage with citizens.

“I am delighted to join the Board of GovChat, equally pleased to have allocated R20 million of funding to GovChat, through our Capprec Group Enterprise Development Fund. The GovChat team under Eldrid Jordaan are energetic and ambitious and I look forward to being part of GovChat’s exciting journey," said Sacks.

Sacks has also served as Chairman and/or Director on several boards including, Fedsure Holdings, Federated Employers Mutual, The Automobile Association, Clinic Holdings, Advtech Limited, Adcock Ingram, The International Association of Political Consultants and, more recently co-founded JSE listed, Capital Appreciation Limited (Capprec), presently serving as its Non-Executive Chairman.

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