On 29 MAy 2019, Uber issued a statement detailing how it will start deactivating riders with low average ratings in the USA and Canada. At the time it was not clear whether such a measure will apply to any of the countries in which Uber operates in Africa.

The ride hailing company has since notified its users in South Africa that they will get banned for bad behaviour.

"At Uber, we maintain a two-way rating and feedback system to allow for a safe and respectful 5-star Uber experience. If your account has been flagged several times for complaints of unacceptable rider behaviour and not adhering to Uber’s community guidelines, your access to the app will be restricted."

Badly behaving Uber riders to be banned

However, it seems there is a difference o how Uber will ban riders in South Africa compared to how they do it in the USA and Canada where the rider rating is used to determine whether a rider is deactivated or not. For South Africa, Uber has said that it will use the amount of times a rider has been flagged for bad behaviour.

The company has listed the following examples of bad rider behaviour as unacceptable:

  • Asking your driver to break the law, for example by ignoring speeding limits.
  • Damaging a vehicle, intentionally spilling food or drink, or throwing up in a vehicle due to excessive drinking.
  • The use of insulting, inappropriate or disrespectful language in a vehicle, whether of a sexual, discriminatory or derogatory nature.
  • Unnecessary disagreement or clash with a driver-partner due to disrespectful behaviour.

It's important to note however that it doesn't take just one offence to get banned as Uber have indicated that they will use a three stage approach which will involve first warning the rider after their first report of bad behaviour, the second time around they will be suspended for a week, and lastly, if the rider persists with bad behaviour they will be fully deactivated.

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