In a very swift turn of events, the SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance seem to have quickly changed their minds regarding suspending Huawei Technologies as a member of their respective organizations. Barely a week after removing Huawei from their respective member lists and confirming that they had done so in compliance with the executive order signed by US President Donald Trump, both organizations say they only temporarily suspended the company and now its membership is restored and modified to comply with the executive order.

On 15 May 2019 Donald Trump signed an executive order blacklisting Huawei, since then, several American companies and organizations have cut business ties with the Chinese technology company.

Talking to CNET, or rather equivocating, the SD Association said that "Huawei's membership was never cancelled, it has been temporarily modified to ensure compliance with the US Department of Commerce Order. The name was missing from our website earlier due to a technical issue."

The company's name now has reappeared as a member on both the SD Association and Wi-Fi Aliance's websites.

What has been interesting regarding companies cutting ties with Huawei is none of them have issued official statements publicly but have only rather commented, when asked, that they are merely complying with the executive order by Trump. This raises possible suspicions that Huawei might have more leverage than it is letting on when it comes to its relationships with them.

This is specifically true when it comes to the Wi-Fi Alliance. Given that 5G is just around the corner and that Huawei is currently the leader when it comes to 5G technology, the Wi-Fi Alliance treads carefully when it comes to their relationship with the Chinese company as Huawei holds some key patents when it comes to the coming 5G-powered Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Whatever the case is, it seems sanity is slowly prevailing and we might get things back to normal.

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