Tor has finally officially launched a web browser for Android as part of its latest Tor Browser 8.5 release and update. This is good news especially in Africa where there has been many government ordered Internet restrictions which can normally be bypassed using a VPN client, however, many citizens are not aware of such an option not technically inclined to seek out such options.

As such, the Tor browser is the best case in such cases as users only have to install it and it works.

"Tor Browser 8.5 is the first stable release for Android. Since we released the first alpha version in September, we've been hard at work making sure we can provide the protections users are already enjoying on desktop to the Android platform. Mobile browsing is increasing around the world, and in some parts, it is commonly the only way people access the internet. In these same areas, there is often heavy surveillance and censorship online, so we made it a priority to reach these users."

Bypass Internet restrictions

As mentioned, the Tor browser is good for bypassing Internet restrictions but it is primarily good for ensuring your privacy while browsing the World Wide Web. Before launching its new Android web browser, Tor users would have needed to use Tor's Orbot and Orfox app combination to ensure their browsing is secure and private. Now, you just need one app.

However, Apple users will not be getting an official Tor browser.

"Though we cannot bring an official Tor Browser to iOS due to restrictions by Apple, the only app we recommend is Onion Browser, developed by Mike Tigas with help from the Guardian Project," reads a statement by the Tor Project.

Tor further adds that with mobile browsing increasing around the world, it was time they released an official Android browser.

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