In a letter he sent to the China International Big Data Industry Expo, China's President Xi Jinping has urged and called for other countries to join China in developing new models for the Internet, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The call comes at a time when China is involved in a slightly protracted trade deadlock with the USA which has already resulted in one casualty, Huawei Technologies being blacklisted by America.

The China International Big Data Industry Expo kicked off in Guiyang, Guizhou Province on 26 May 2019.

"The new generation of Information Technology represented by the Internet, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is booming, which has a significant and far-reaching impact on the economic development, social progress and people's lives of all countries. Countries need to strengthen cooperation, deepen exchanges, jointly grasp the opportunities of digitalization, networking, and intelligent development, and handle the challenges of big data development in law, security, and government governance," reads part of the translated version of the letter.

Trade war

Although President Donald Trump explained that the Huawei blacklisting was as a result of fears of sabotage and spying, many analysts have offered a different opinion stating that it is more about the race to 5G and using Huawei as a bargaining chip during trade negotiations. To date, several American and British companies have stopped doing business with Huawei citing compliance with the recently signed executive order and some stating that they are waiting to see how the uncertainty around Huawei plays out.

Thus, Xi Jinping's recent statement on developing new models for the Internet and other emerging technologies have to be seen in the context of the tensions between the USA and China, i.e. as a veiled threat to exclude America from any new technological developments.

"China attaches great importance to the development of Big Data industry and is willing to share the opportunities of digital economic development with other countries. By exploring new technologies, new formats and new models, we will jointly explore new growth kinetics and development paths. I hope that delegates and guests will discuss the development and cooperation of the Big Data industry on the theme of 'innovation and development, and the future of the number', and contribute to the common development of all countries and the building of a community of human destiny."

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