The e-sports Kenya Federation (ESKF) will be launching the country's first 16 team e-sports league in July 2019. This was revealed by Babong Ojwang, Founder and CEO of ESKF, who also stated that the federation is registered with Kenya's Ministry of Sports.

Ojwang further explained that the e-sports league will be a national one.

“We are letting corporates own the (league) teams and run the teams to make them as competitive as possible and giving the athletes the chance to showcase themselves. We will be launching the EKL platform and once we launch the platform we are going to ask the public to register. We will also give a criteria on how to do that,” Ojwang is reported to have said.4

Rise of e-sports in Africa

Although many have raised doubts on whether professional gaming should actually be classified as a sports or not, that has not stopped the growth of e-sports in Africa. For example, in 2017, one of South Africa's largest telecommunications companies, Telkom, launched its own e-sports company and has also been active in sponsoring various e-sports competitions. During the same year, Kenya witnessed the hosting of the largest gaming tournament ever in country.

“We are trying to comply with the international e-sports federation so that we can participate in the international e-sports world championships,” added Ojwang.

ESKF is also looking to participate in the 11th Esports World Championships which will take place in Seoul, South Korea, towards the end of 2019.

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