Russian information security company, Kaspersky Lab, has announced that it will be opening an office in Kigali, Rwanda as part of its plans to service its partners and customers in the East Africa region. The decision to open a new office was made during Eugene Kasperskyโ€™s visit to Rwanda where he met with Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda at the Transform Africa Summit.

Part of Kaspersky's discussions with Kagame are reported to have included how Rwanda can better protect itself from cyber threats.

โ€œGovernments and enterprises across Africa need an integrated approach to complex threat detection and response as they fight cybercriminals who have significant financial resources and are constantly looking to exploit any vulnerability,โ€ said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab.

Investment in Africa's technology ecosystem

Recently, Africa has experienced great interest from some of the world's big technology companies who have decided to invest in skills development projects on the continent. Google recently announced its first official Artificial Intelligence research centre in Africa. There is also Huawei which during April 2019 announced $173 million in funding for a data centre at Kenya's Konza Technology City. Most recently, Microsoft announced its $100 million investment in what it calls African Development Centres.

According to Kaspersky Lab, their planned Kigali office will serve the requirements of the growing number of ย  partners and customers in the region.

โ€œWe see great potential in the African market, especially with the current digital transformation initiatives that are in place. Nations across the continent are adopting new technologies to facilitate and enhance the way they do business. While a few years ago it was enough to have a strategy to prevent infection, today businesses have to be able to detect when they are infected or hacked, predict hacker behaviour and respond to attacks quickly ย  to ensure minimal damage and impact. We can support in achieving this,โ€ said Amir Kanaan, Managing Director at Kaspersky Lab for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

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