Kenya's government has published what it calls the "Digital Economy Blueprint" document which aims to guide ways in which the east African country can use digital technology to "leapfrog economic growth." The document released by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) looks into several areas of how Kenya's digital economy can contribute to economic growth including Digital Government, Digital Business, Infrastructure, Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship, and Digital Skills and Values.

The document's release coincided with the hosting of the recently held Transform Africa Summit 2019 in Rwanda where Rwanda's President Paul Kagame emphasized that growing Africa's digital economy is everyone's responsibility.

"To reap these benefits that new digital technologies provide us we will ensure that no-one is left behind, and for that we must work together. The Government will continue to engage with all Kenyans to ensure that we are forward looking but also flexible and responsive as new opportunities and challenges arise," writes Joe Mucheru, Kenya's Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology, in the preamble of the document.

Kenya's Digital Economy Blueprint document.

The CAK has said that part of releasing the blueprint is to help the country manage the transformation journey associated with new and emerging technologies.

"Kenya is one of the world leaders in driving financial inclusion through the use of digital finance solutions such as M-PESA, Mula, PesaLink and Pesapal. The adoption of such innovations is facilitating transactions and spurring trade for corporations, small and medium enterprises (SME’s) and individuals. This in turn translates to improved and efficient business environments, increased accessibility, connectedness and better standards of living. In the same token my Government has adopted technology that is leading to faster and efficient services to the people," writes President Uhuru Kenyatta in the foreword.

Whether it is policy makers talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution or the digital economy, at the end of it all it hinges on implementation.

You can download Kenya's Digital Economy Blueprint here.

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