Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Information & Communications Technology in Egypt, has come out assuring stakeholders that technology does not kill job opportunities. Talaat said this while speaking at a digital technology summit held in Cairo where he further explained that technology makes life better, easier, and faster.

His statement comes at a time when many policy makers in Egypt, and across Africa, are worried that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace human jobs in the near future.

β€œSeventy-five percent of the jobs, that will be taken by alpha generation, have not yet been created,” said Dr. Talmaat.

Artificial Intelligence and future jobs

There have been many articles and opinions written about how the 4th Industrial Revolution, and especially AI, will lead to more human jobs being lost. Equally, there have also been others who have gone out of their way to highlight that the jobs we will have in the future, do not even exist yet and thus it is incorrect to even say humans will lose jobs to "technology".

Similar thoughts about jobs of the future were echoed by Dr. Talmaat and he also added that humans need to develop their skills in order to align themselves with potential future jobs. Adding that the development of human skills must be aligned with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

To emphasize his point, Egypt's Minister of ICT also explained that the e-commerce industry in France resulted in the shedding of 500,000 jobs in the country's retail sector during the past few years, however, it created a 1,2 million other jobs for programmers, web designers and other technology professionals.

Cover image credit: Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Egypt. YouTube

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