Uganda's police force will now be using a biometric solution linked to a central database system in their fight against crime. The solution, developed by international technology company, Gemalto, will allow Uganda's police to electronically collect, store and process fingerprints, palm prints and facial images.

The police force in the East African country will also trial another solution which is reported to help police officers capture an individuals’ fingerprints using a mobile device.

Gemalto Uganda Police biometric
Example of Gemalto's Cogent Automated Biometric Identification System (CABIS) and LiveScan technology which will be at Ugandan police stations.

“Reliable biometric data is an extremely powerful tool for identifying individuals and bringing offenders to justice. Investment in Gemalto CABIS and LiveScan technology is the latest step forward in the modernisation not just of Ugandan law enforcement, but our wider homeland security infrastructure," said Muhirwa Rogers, Police Undersecretary for the Uganda Police Force.

It's not clear how the biometric data collected will be stored and whether only the Ugandan police, and not Gemalto, will have access to it. As we've witnessed with Zimbabwe's Artificial Intelligence solution where a Chinese company transfers all the collected facial data and images to its headquarters in China, the important parts of such public-private digital technology solutions are in the details.

Cover image credit: Ugandan Formed Police Unit personnel serving under AMISOM, demonstrate drills in public order management during the farewell ceremony to mark the end of their tour of duty in Somalia on August 01, 2015. AMISOM Photo/Omar

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