Towards the end of 2018, a hacker who goes by the name Mr.OneJack, defaced the website of Nigeria's National Assembly. We know this because for the few days the website remained defaced, they left a message that has become their signature on any website they've defaced.

What's concerning, however, is that the website remained defaced for several days without any action, not statements, to this day, being made by the Nigerian government.

The defacement, on the surface, seemed to have only involved the public website and its the front end. It didn't look like it involved any hacking of data or any other systems at this point. The messages left on the website at the time were consistent with those left by Mr.OneJack on other websites they had defaced around the world.

Nigeria National Assembly Website Defaced
Message prompt that appeared when you visited the defaced website of Nigeria's National Assembly.

Although a website defacement is not critical (if that is all that was accessed along with this defacement), with Nigeria heading into much anticipated presidential elections during 2019, it is reasonable to expect the government of one of Afrika's largest economies and powerhouses to be vigilant when it comes to the security of all its systems, especially those that are public facing.

Cover image credit: House of Representatives of Nigeria. Shiraz Chakera/Wikimedia Commons

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