The city of Alexandria in Egypt has concluded a 3-month pilot if using an electric bus for public transport. Major General Khalid Eliwa, Head of the General Authority for Passenger Transport in Alexandria, has said that the Military Technical College and the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Defence are studying the results of the pilot and they will be made known once ready.

The electric bus was introduced in 2018 after Egypt's Passengers Transportation Authority signed a deal with Chinese automobile manufacturer, BYD, earlier in the same year.

Eliwa explained that the electric bus was unique in that it is environmentally-friendly and reduces environmental pollution, as opposed to traditional engines in buses which cause air pollution.

Should the project be given a go-ahead after the pilot, China's BYD has said that it plans to assemble electric buses and electric cars in Egypt as well as construct a BYD SkyRail monorail through Alexandria’s city center and possibly develop the country’s solar energy sector.

According to Eliwa, there are also plans to convert 200 diesel buses to electricity.

Cover image credit: BYD electric bus.

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