In early 2017, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor released a report stating that there are currently “582 million people in this world in the process of starting or running their own business.” Whether you are launching a new startupor opening a neighborhood restaurant, the challenges of being an entrepreneur are significant.

While many individuals focus on becoming successful in their on-the-job habits and duties, research has demonstrated that lasting business success is achieved by what is done outside of business hours.

Over the last decade or so, special attention has been paid to the daily lifestyle habits of entrepreneurs and successful executives around the world. Not surprisingly, surveys and studies have found that the individuals who are the highest achievers have incredibly similar daily habits. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, explore three key lifestyle habits that are foundational to success in business.

Wake up in the early morning hours

Learning successful habits from executivesstarts by looking at the way they structure their days. A few recent studies have revealed that90% of business executiveswake up prior to 6:00am during the week. This list includes Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tim Cook. Why wake up so early? Although individual reasons vary, there is one common reason that drives many of today’s top CEOs and professionals to choose this start to their day. Rather than waking up as late as possible prior to work, giving yourself a few extra hours each morning allows you to accomplish more at a slower pace. Rather than rushing from one activity to the next, early risers have bonus time to check emails, exercise, work on projects, and spend time with family.

Regular exercise

As hinted at above, nearly all highly successful individuals say that they use the early morning hours to exercise. Not only does routine exercise help keep the body in shape, but it also ensures that one’s mind is as sharp as possible. In addition to the obvious benefits of exercise, it has also been linked to decreasing stress levels, building confidence, and helping one stay alert throughout the day.

Engage in daily learning

Despite being ultra-busy, many of the world’s most successful individuals prioritize reading and learning each and every day. Not only do they make reading a priority, but they do a lot of it. Bill Gates was quoted as saying that he reads 50 books per year, and Mark Cuban is said to read 3 hours per day. One study showed that among a group of 1,200 wealthy individuals, all regularly engaged in reading for educational purposes. Therefore, this habit is another that must be incorporated in one’s daily life to help achieve business success.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or on the brink of launching your new business, there are some lifestyle habits that seem to be undeniably beneficial. In addition to honing your habits during business hours, pay attention to what you do when you are away from your work. Waking up early (prior to 6:00am), exercising, and reading for education are all must-do lifestyle activities for achieving greater success in your business.

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