Chat Banking using WhatsApp is now available in Nigeria. This is as a result of a newly announced partnership between First Bank of Nigeria and Clickatell.

First Bank’s customers in Nigeria will now be able to manage their banking by using WhatsApp.

“Customers’ expectations are constantly changing and it’s our duty as a customer focused bank to ensure that our customers are provided with the means to initiate or carry out banking services through any channel they desire. We are constantly seeking new ways and opportunities to meet customers at their preferred touch points and we understand our customers are actively engaged on WhatsApp,” said Chuma Ezirim, Group Head, E-Business, First Bank of Nigeria Limited.

Chat banking

With the rise of FinTech startups in Afrika has also come new methods being introduced to consumers to interact with financial institutions. One of these methods has been the introduction of chat bots as a way for customers to transact and communicate with banks and other financial institutions.

Clickatell's Transact platform allows banks to develop and deliver their customer experiences consistently across multiple channels including WhatsApp. One of the benefits is that a bank doesn't need to develop in-huse technical skills to introduce these new digital channels, echoing the sentiment of some professionals that banks should look, among others, towards partnering with FinTech startups.

"We are very excited to be working with the team from First Bank of Nigeria who, in record time, implemented a complex user experience, soft launched and managed to improve on the already exceptional services that First Bank offers its customers. As a technology provider, Clickatell drives to delight both clients and their end-users through low code deployments and innovative upgrades. This rapid time to market and iteration capability of our offerings helps acquire new customers for our clients” said Jeppe Dorff, Managing Director of Clickatell’s Transact Division.

This launch with First Bank of Nigeria marks the third large scale deployment by Clickatell in the Afrikan market in the past month.

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