The stock market, where just about anything can happen in an hour, can be tough. It may sound hopeless at times. These days, we see increasing prices and the rising inflation rates painting a grim economic picture. Saving in the bank is just not enough these days either, as interest rates are most of the time smaller compared to inflation rates.

So here comes investing in the stock market as an option.

Sounds tedious, huh?

Honestly, it can be, especially when you’re into trading. One time you sell, the next thing you know it, you’ll be buying stocks again. Your life depends on just about anything, as it may cause the fluctuation of the prices in the market.

Or you can also opt to just invest and wait for your investments to yield some profit. While It may be scary at times, it is still possible to get amazing returns, especially when you know just which part of the market to invest in.

So, is it investing or trading?

Your call.

How Do You Choose?

While being consistently in the know of the ups and downs of the financial market is an advantage, knowing what companies to invest your money in is always the most sensible first step. In investments, your goal would be to always look for stocks that are not as pricey but could offer amazing potential returns.

The economic picture is not all that bad, though. While a few niches of the market are not at their best these days, there are still chunks of the market that promise good years ahead.

One such example is in the home security market. In this part of the economic universe, things could never be better as consumers start to put importance on protecting homes, assets, and lives than ever before. With the number of residential burglaries that account for 69.5% as of the latest, who would be crazy enough not to get a home security system like Night Owl in place?

The home security picture is so good that in fact, the market is seen to be worth $74.75 billion by the year 2023.

And so if you’re looking into investing into stocks this year, below are the companies that you may want to consider:


Developed by BOT Home Automation, Ring’s selling point is that it is very much like a caller ID for the front door. With Ring, you can just safely answer the door from anywhere in the house.

Whatever is happening outside is streamed directly to your smartphone or tablet. Homeowners

would also be able to view and chat with the person at the front door.

And with funding that totaled to $213.7 million in 2017, there’s just no way but up for this California-based company.


With a home security system that can be controlled by smartphones and tablets; and with access that can be shared to chosen friends and family members, Latch is currently on the rise to becoming the next big thing in the home security systems market.

Latch is also unique in that you would be able to grant access to friends for a limited number of minutes. The system also takes photos of those who access your home. Just to be sure you’re aware of who goes in and out while you’re away.

The company is not directly selling to homeowners as of this time. Instead, it is targeting real estate companies that build apartments, with the hopes of these business organizations using Latch in building their projects.

A total funding of $91.4 million as of August of 2018 keeps the New York-based company ahead of the competition.

August Home

With everything now becoming virtual, August Home boasts of a line of home access products that can have homeowners take control of their home security from anywhere in the world.

With August Home, you would be able to provide access to your home to guests, house cleaners, nannies, friends, family members; and have that access granted from anywhere in the world using a smartphone.

You would even have the option to decide how long that access lasts. That’s a virtual key at its finest!

And with $73 million funding as of Q4 of 2017, who knows what this California-based startup is still capable of creating in the world of home security.


How often do you get frustrated with inaudible audio while talking to somebody on your phone or through your tablet? Be it a phone or through your home security systems, we all yearn for that super clear and crisp audio when we’re talking to someone. This is exactly what Canary is selling.

The company advertises of a home security with a high-quality camera and a truly clear conversation with the person on the other side of the door.  Not only that but it also has temperature and humidity sensors and would be able to give you a picture of how air quality is at home. Now, this is what you call going the extra mile.

As of October of 2018, the company received funding of $68.2 million. These equate to many more extra miles in terms of innovations of the company’s products and services.


You would have to admit that as a homeowner, you are in great need of a smoke detector. The same goes for a carbon monoxide detector. You then decide to purchase the latest smoke/carbon monoxide detector. But what if you’re not at home when the inevitable happens? These detectors would be deemed useless.

And so here comes Leeo. In cases of fire at home, Leeo immediately sends out a message to you via the Leeo app. This is complete with a recording of the alarm that sounded off.

This way, you would be able to right away call 911 from wherever you are and send help at home.

And with this California-based startup receiving at least $37 million in funding, Leeo is sure to be one of those companies to watch out for this year.

Cocoon Labs

With the latest technological innovations making its rounds left and right, Cocoon has created a home security device that is artificial intelligence personified.

As you can see, Cocoon is created to learn the “normal” sounds at home for a week. If after a week and Cocoon has already learned the “normal” sounds and it detects a sound or sounds beyond the “normal”, it automatically alerts you via smartphone.

$6.3 million of funding as of May of 2017 could go a long way in terms of home security innovations for this UK-based startup.


Being one of Japan’s leading manufacturer of virtual keys, Photosynth brought to the market Akerun. Meaning “it opens” in Japanese, Akerun is the company’s brainchild – a smart lock that can be controlled using your smartphone or your PC.

Access can also be granted to guests, family, and friends; the access of which can be sent virtually through LINE, Facebook or even through text or email.

Originally intended for homeowners, Akerun has recently found the need to cater to businesses as well – hence, the birth of the Akerun Pro.

And with $3.7 million in funding as of May of 2018, who knows what else this Japanese-based startup is capable of.

In Summary

Investments are risks. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you would just throw your money away to some company without digging deep into company details and its potential to help you reap maximum profit.

Let the above list be your guide. Familiarize yourself with the company and what investing in such an organization can offer. You deserve to know because as much as these companies want to keep homes safe, your aim is to also keep your finances healthy, growing, and secure.

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