The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) has stated that it will be introducing VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology in Premier League matches soon. This follows several football matches in Egypt's top league marred by controversy.

VAR first made its professional and official appearance in top-tier football matches during the FIFA World Cup 2018 tournament held in Russia.

"The EFA has contacted FIFA to begin practical steps to implement the Video Assistant Referee technology in Egyptian League games. This decision comes as the EFA, led by chairman Hany Abou-Rida, is keen on supporting Egyptian referees and help them develop," said the EFA in a statement.

Video Assistant Referees

During the FIFA World Cup in Russia, VAR was used mostly is settling controversial incidents involving goals and penalties. However, it wasn't always used, even though fans might have thought an incident warranted the use of VAR, as the decision to consult VAR is decided upon by the assistant referee team reviewing the replays.

The video assistant referee team supports the decision-making process of the referee in four game-changing situations. FIFA

Only when the VAR team spots clear and obvious errors related to potential match changing situations as illustrated above, do they then alert the referee to review the decion.

The EFA has indicated that it has been in talks with FIFA to talk about the details of implementing VAR in Egypt. This after recent errors by referees have affected and got several football clubs, including Al Ahly, angry.

This will not be the first time that the EFA is looking to implement VAR. In 2017 the association attempted this but the plans fell apart due a lack of adequate technology.

It remains to be seen what will be different this tome around and whether the North Afrikan country's football association will be able to allocate enough resources to have the technology implemented in stadia.

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