As the current age is one of unprecedented growth and evolution, it makes sense that the world around us is rapidly changing. This is especially true when it comes to those activities which rely on or can benefit from the constantly iterating force of modern technology.

Difficult and annoying aspects of daily lives have become efficient and simple in so many ways, and with this in mind, we want to take a look at entertainment specifically, and how changing tech has united these components into something our predecessors could only dream of.

The joy of travel

As much as people love being places, the actual act of going places has often been one of difficulty and stress. Today, however, travel is not only simple, it is often enjoyable, with dozens of variations of traditional travel options integrating tech solutions to combat issues of annoyances.

Air travel services such as Emirates Air were among the first to adopt this, with popular fighting game Street Fighter 2 being able to be enjoyed in flight, and this was only the start. Video systems in cars like the Sony XAV allow video playback to keep passengers entertained and helping mitigate the discomfort of long journeys.

This can even work in the opposite direction, with online casino games like Casino Cruise taking inspiration from travel culture to form new ideas of their own, aided by a level of portable play-ability which translates them back to a convenient form of travel entertainment on many mobile devices.

Watching the game

Sport has been an important part of entertainment for thousands of years, and the invention of the radio and television offered a considerable deal in bringing this world to a wider audience. This wider audience, as expanded as it was at the time, cannot hold a candle to the opportunities afforded to us by the invention of the Internet.

With fast Internet now becoming standard, and more video and audio streaming opportunities than ever before being available, the range of modern sports entertainment has extended its grip from what was mostly local to much more internationally inclusive. This is especially helpful to anyone who is a fan of sports which are either not particularly popular on a mass scale or just within their country.

Online technologies mean we can watch easily watch almost all forms of sports from the comfort of our own homes. This is great not only on the entertainment front but also for fostering the health of their communities and their long-term viability.

Live music

Experiencing live music is a feeling quite different from traditional recordings. Seeing bands play live and hearing them directly is part of this, but more of it comes from the feeling – the environment of being surrounded by so many like-minded fans. The problem is that these have traditionally been prohibitive in many ways, be it travel costs, ticket costs, or availability.

With modern Virtual Reality (VR) recording, however, it has become possible to experience live concerts in immersive 3D like never before. While this technology is still in its relative infancy, the strides here really are something special, and will no doubt hold an important place in the future world of media.

Keeping Track

With the current pace of technological evolution being what it is, predicting where the future may take us is no simple task.

While we can’t imagine all the forms which the entertainment of tomorrow will take, if we use the above examples, we can notice a definite trend of increasing convenience, collaboration, and cooperation. We don’t know what entertainment even ten years from now will look like, but we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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