It looks like Microsoft is about to get more aggressive with suggesting to Windows users that they install the Microsoft Edge browser. This comes after a user running the Windows 10 insider build 17744 got a prompt to install the Microsoft Edge web browser instead of Firefox.

The Windows update will only be available publicly in October 2018.

Would you like to make Internet Explorer your default browser?

Before this update, and before the Microsoft Edge web browser was launched, we were used to (and somehow accepted) Windows prompting users "Would you like to make Internet Explorer your default browser?", but this latest prompt is extreme. Not only does it interrupt the installation of competing browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, it also adds a message which alludes to the user that the Edge browser is more secure than the browser they are trying to install, it reads " You already have Microsoft Edge -the safer faster browser for Windows 10."

This is worrying if you consider that some users are not technically inclined and such a message, without stating how Edge is safer than any other web browser, could lead to a certain level of user panic. Not to mention that this prompt by Windows 10 can also be considered as a form of Dark User Experience (UX) where product designers implement tricks to have you installing or using products that you initially didn't intend to. Some of these Dark UX tricks include e-commerce stores swapping the position and colors of the cancel order and checkout buttons, media companies that hide newsletter unsubscribe buttons, and more.

It also seems that Microsoft is teasing lawmakers once again. In 1998 the company lost an anti-trust ruling by the USA's Department of Justice for bundling Internet Explorer as part of the Windows operating system.

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