Village Capital recently hosted leaders of 15 incubators, accelerators and seed funds from across Afrika as they participated in the VilCap Communities Africa programme. The main aim of the programme, as explained by Village Capital, is to accelerate the flow of capital to early-stage startups in sub-Saharan Afrika.

β€œPassion and vision are important, but entrepreneurs also need to have a plan to deploy capital efficiently to generate a return on investment. At Village Capital we specialize in helping entrepreneurs think like investors, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned over the past eight years with this elite group of leaders in Africa,” said Allie Burns, Managing Director at Village Capital.

The VilCap Communities Africa programme is supported by the Impact Programme which is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Investing in Afrikan tech startups

2018 has so far been quite an eventful year as far as venture capital flowing into Afrikan tech startups. This is especially true for Nigerian startups where we have seen the likes of Lidya, Mines, and Tizeti, to name a few, raise significant Series A funding rounds.

Judging by what Village Capital says and is doing with its VilCap Communities Africa programme, it is this kind of capital flow to Afrikan startups they would like to see more of.

β€œThe number of incubators and accelerators in Africa has grown exponentially, but the number of successful startups on the continent has not grown at the same rate. It’s still hard to raise capital and scale a business in too many parts of the continent, and we know that entrepreneurial ecosystem leaders are the key to bridging that gap,” said ,” said Rachel Crawford, Innovation Manager for Emerging Markets at Village Capital.

The 15 finalists were chosen from more than 200 incubators, accelerators and funds that applied to the programme when it was first announced. In total, the selected finalists operate in 20 countries across Afrika including Ethiopia, Benin, Tanzania, Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire.

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