The past decade or so has seen an unprecedented growth of technology and innovation hubs across Afrika. So we reached out to a few people to understand why they choose to work out of tech hubs.

These are some of the reasons they gave us.

1. Wi-Fi


Praise God For Free Wi-Fi

This is just not any type of free Wi-Fi, this is typically (in most tech hubs) uncapped, unshaped, fast and no content filtered free Internet. An essential resource enabling you to work on that innovative and disruptive startup idea 😉.

2. Coffee

The coffee, like the Wi-Fi is unlimited and usually of good quality.

You could obviously go and work at a coffee shop and pay $2 plus for a cup of good coffee but it typically comes with limited Wi-Fi ("freakin' 30 minutes of Wi-Fi" as someone put it). If the Wi-Fi is not limited it comes with that uncomfortable what-are-you-ordering-next-or-leave stares 👀 the waitresses give you.

So it is best to kill two birds with one stone and get good unlimited coffee and Wi-Fi by working out of a tech hub.

3. You look like you're working on a really cool unicorn startup

You instantly, as if by osmosis or magic, feel like you are working on something life-changing, a unicorn as some in the tech startup circles would refer to it as.

Silicon Valley HBO

If working out of a tech hub doesn't make you feel like that, everyone else (especially friends and family) thinks you are working on something disruptive and innovative. They also will think you are super rich, automatically.

4. Free food

Come on, be honest, when has networking at a tech hub event filled with startups just like you ever lead to something major?

Free Food Meme

Tech hub startup events, full of other startups just like yours, attract mainly founders looking to save on their food (and sometimes drinks) budget as there's always startup events happening at tech hubs.

5. It's like Tinder

This is legit a reason some people gave us when we asked why they choose to work out of tech hubs.

I know HTML meme

Not just guys, ladies too.

6. Happy clappy people

Some say the tech hubs have great energy. Some say they are filled with happy clappy people who are always upbeat. Ask them how their startup is doing and you'll likely hear "we are growing at x% week on week" or "we are starting to see a J-curve" etc.

Happy Clappy Minions

They are always quoting "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries or Peter Thiel's "From Zero to One" as their trusted gospels. If you dare argue or disagree on any of the aspects they quote, the demons that possess you will be exorcised.

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