Statistics from reliable sources highlight that among the 28 European Union nations, the United Kingdom ranks on the 5th position among the nations with the highest Internet penetration rate in 2015. During this period only 7% of the users did not have access to the Internet in the past 12 months. This means that almost the entire nation had access to the Internet and the estimated number of users by 2016 was 54,2 million users per month.

The number has been increasing since then and is expected to get to 56.7 million users per month by 2021.

Among all users of the web, heavy consumers are young people between the age of 16 and 24 years and who are estimated to spend approximately 27 hours a week on the Internet. Studies show that presently, people spend twice as much time on the web compared to 10 years ago and this rise has been contributed by the easy access of the internet as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

In total, an average person spends more than 20 hours a week, and this includes the time spent on the Internet when working.

What do people do on the web when they are not working?

Studies show that consumers spend their time on the web in different content categories, and these include communication and social media, mobile games, entertainment apps.

Communication and social media

Under this category, the leading apps include Facebook, Snapchat, and Gmail. These Apps attract the largest percentage of web consumers. In 2017, UK residents spend more than 41% on their online time on communication and social media. This can be equated to more than 25 hours per month.

The reason why apps in this category such as Facebook, Smapchap, and Twitter have dominated in the number of users is that they also offer channels where people can produce original or stream content.

For instance, Facebook, in August 2017, launched Facebook Watch which is a platform that allows users to generate original video content. Snapchat has also collaborated with other websites such as Time Warner and NBC which enables the users to also produce original scripted content as well as share existing network television shows. Twitter has also embraced live streaming.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming ranks second in terms of the hours spent on the web. Statistics indicate that the amount of time used by users in playing web games was 12%. This is approximately 20.7 hours per user every month. The State of Online Gaming 2018 market research was conducted based on the interview of more than 3,000 consumers between the age of 18 years and above from France, German, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and the United States who played online sports at least once a week.

The most famous online sports include massively multiplayer online games, board game, first-person shooters, arcade games, action & adventure games, casino games, strategy games, card and slot games. Lovers of slot games frequently play Eye of Horus online slot considering that slot and card games are the most played web sports.

Results from the State of Online Gaming 2018 indicated that people who play online video playoffs spend approximately 6 hours each week playing. More so, 85% of the players and gamblers prefer playing and downloading free playoffs.

Entertainment apps

This category includes; YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify and the average amount of time spent on these platforms is 11% while as the users spend around 11.5 hours per month on these channels. In 2017, Netflix was reported to have generated the most revenue than any non-game app. Netflix’s popularity superseded BBC TV, and BBC reported that most young people between the ages of 16-24 years spend more time with Netflix in a week as compared to BBC TV.

Why people prefer playing online casino

Playing online casino is not only fun, but it is also a possibility of making an extra dollar. With the rapid improvements in internet technology, you can gamble at the comfort of your home. The fact that you are playing in an environment that you are familiar with and no strangers watching your moves or tactics can increase your chances of winning. Some other reasons why people prefer playing online casino playoffs include:

Minimal intimidation

The casino environment can be distracting with all the moaning and exclaiming of other casino players, tinkling of coins, and the droning of the numerous slot machines. This is contrary to playing online which is much quieter and comfortable

A more extensive selection of games and slot diversity

Online casinos offer a wide range of games which increases the fun and the chances to win in more games. Players also have an array of exciting slot options.

More secure

Playing online is safer than carrying your money to the physical casino especially when you are planning to uses lots of cash on the playoff. There are various methods of depositing your money and withdrawing your winning which is safer and secure.

Accessibility to information

Most online casino platforms offer vital gaming information such as strategies, guidelines, history, and tips. This is much helpful especially if you are a beginner.

Open 24/7 with no time limits

Some land-based casinos are not open 24/7 which is contrary to website casinos that are available any time and can be accessed almost anywhere in the world.

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