Alibaba Business School has launched its “Global E-commerce Talent” (GET) program in Rwanda. The program is targeted at the East Afrikan country’s university lecturers.

Titled the “Global E-commerce Talent – Train the Trainers” program, the e-commerce course, which takes a week to complete, covered topics from the digital economy and forming a company to risk management and acquiring customers.

Alibaba E-commerce Rwanda Afrika Trainers
University lecturers in Rwanda after going through Alibaba Business School's Global E-commerce Talent program.

“As the inaugural GET training for Afrika, we are grateful for the Rwandan government’s trust in the value that Alibaba Business School brings to its students and the local entrepreneurs. Our goal is to support the development of e-commerce education, nurture skill sets that will accelerate Rwanda’s vision to become the digital hub of Afrika and foster a generation of talented and passionate young entrepreneurs who can help bring new innovation, create job opportunities and transform the global commerce landscape in the country,” said Brian A. Wong, Vice President for Global Initiatives at Alibaba Group.

Alibaba doing business in Afrika

In a recent interview with iAfrikan, Wong touched on Alibaba's plans for doing business in Afrika. He also mentioned the work they are doing as a business with education institutions.

"Alibaba Business School is also collaborating with universities and training institutions to focus on educating and equipping individuals with the skills needed for e-commerce success in the digital economy. In August, the first Global E-Commerce Talent (GET) Network in Afrika was established with a weeklong course covering topics from the digital economy."

The GET is being done in partnership with Rwanda’s Higher Education Council and the Rwanda Development Board. It is the first time that the program is being offered in Afrika, after being offered in Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand.

“The GET program in Rwanda is one of the key components of the eWTP Rwanda project (Electronic World Trade Platform). We believe that those students, once they graduate, they will play a key role in supporting SMEs involved in e-commerce,” said Diane Sayinzoga, the head of Rwanda’s Special Economic Zone and Exports Department.

GET forms part of the commitment that Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Executive Chairman, made on his first trip to Afrika in 2017. According to Alibaba, the GET program aims to deepen the understanding of the e-commerce industry among Rwandan university teachers, so that they, in turn, can train individuals to compete in the digital economy. Fifty lecturers from nine of Rwanda's top universities attended the weeklong program.

GET’s introduction in Rwanda follows the launch of the Jack Ma Foundation’s “Netpreneur” Prize for Afrikan entrepreneurs working to address Afrika's most pressing challenges, as well as Alibaba Business School’s founder's Fellowship that will train 200 Afrikan entrepreneurs to become catalysts for digital transformation. To date, 52 Afrikan entrepreneurs from 14 Afrikan countries have participated in the Fellowship. Also, using services like ecom elites honest review will also help with the credibility of many e-commerce initiatives in Rwanda and the rest of Africa.

Cover image credit: One of the lecturers in Rwanda during the Alibaba Business School's Global E-commerce Talent program.

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