Nigeria's National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has announced that it has comissioned the building of a technology hub in Katsina State. This, according to the NITDA, forms part of a resolution to establish tech hubs across 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

The tech hub will be located at the Katsina State Institute of Technology and Management and it will be tasked with harnessing indigenous digital technology innovation for entrepreneurship.

"I believe we have the talents, we have the pool of enthusiastic young and vibrant technology innovators especially in the Software and Service segments of the ICT. I believe innovations coming from this Hub will have a significant impact on the transformation of the State and the country at large," Dr. Isa Pantami, Director General of NITDA, is reported to have said when announcing the tech hub in Nigeria's Katsina State.

Technology hubs in Nigeria

One of the early tech hubs in Nigeria is the Co-creation Hub (CcHub) in Lagos. Earlier in 2018, CcHub entered into a partnership with Facebook as the social media giant launched its first ever hub space in Afrika known as the NG_Hub. The growing trend of new tech hubs in Nigeria was continued recently as the Honeywell Group also announced the launch of its Itanna accelerator for tech startups.

In a statement, the NITDA has said that the main reason to start with Katsina State was that it is one of the most populous states in the North Western region of Nigeria. The tech hub is further expected to serve the citizens if Katsina through "mentoring and exposing them to both local and international potential opportunities and investors; creating enabling environment to protect their solutions in our local market," according to Dr. Pantami.

Although it is an encouraging move by the NITDA, it is hoped that among its programmes the tech hub will incorporate some training so as to empower citizens with skills they can use to start businesses or get employed.

Cover image credit: iAfrikan Digital

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