Luno, a FinTech startup and cryptocurrencies exchange founded in South Africa with a global footprint, has announced that it has reached the milestone of having 2 million customers. This is more impressive when you consider that in a iAfrikan interview with Luno's Timothy Stranex in May 2018, the startup only had 1,8 million customers who had opened wallets.

Luno, which is now arguably Afrika's largest cryptocurrencies exchange, is available in over 40 countries across 3 continents.

Cryptocurrencies Exchange Afrika Luno Team
The Luno team. The cryptocurrencies exchange now has a team of over 250 "Lunauts".

β€œReaching the two million customers is a significant achievement. We strongly believe that by making Bitcoin more accessible through education and by offering a user-friendly, safe platform more and more people across the globe can benefit from a better financial system. This milestone demonstrates the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies across the globe and reinforces our aim of reimagining a financial system where money is cheaper, faster and safer with open and equal access for everyone,” said Marcus Swanepoel, Co-founder, and CEO of Luno.

Luno has had some notable highlights on the way to reaching this milestone. One of those highlights was in 2017 when the cryptocurrencies exchange concluded a Series B funding round of $9 million. This funding round set in motion Luno's plans for expanding into 35 new markets across Europe in addition to the markets it was already servicing in Afrika.

Luno currently has offices in London, Singapore and Cape Town.

Luno has built a Bitcoin and Ethereum platform that allows people to buy, sell and learn about cryptocurrencies. One of the key differentiators that sets it apart from some of its competitors is that Luno allows people in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum through a local EFT (bank transfer).

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