Truecaller, the caller-ID app that lets users automatically block unwanted and spam calls, has announced a new feature that will allow users to record calls. The "Premium" feature will first be available to Androud users.

Demostration of how Truecaller's call recording Premium feature is activated.

The company has said that they are introducing the feature because they want to make communication safe and efficient by helping users report harassment related or fraudulent calls.

"People use Truecaller to help their communication be more safe and efficient. From users identifying new business clients to empowering women in their fight against harassment or objectionable calls, or for everyone being protected from potential fraud. Truecaller has been there to safeguard calls and SMS to give you the right to know who is trying to get in contact. With the added feature of Call Recording, this will empower users to keep track of important conversations they have with businesses, colleagues, and people."

Truecaller adds that the call recording feature has been one of the most requested features from Truecaller users.

How Truecaller's Call Recording works

Although we are yet to get details on how the call recording and whether Truecaller stores the recorded calls on their servers, it is not unreasonable to be cautious and ask questions. This is because, Truecaller, as part of their offering, stores a users' address book into their global database without receiving consent from those whose contact details they collect, store and use. However, Truecaller, which can in one way be viewed as a verified reverse phone checks service, have explicitly stated that the recorded calls do mot "touch" their servers and are only stored locally, on a user's phone.

"When a Premium user dials or receives a call, they can toggle on the recordingu feature from the Truecaller Caller ID screen. The recordings are then stored on the user’s phone. All Android users who do not have a Premium subscription can try Call Recording for free on a 14-day trial."

Cover image credit: Truecaller.

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