Sirika Hadi, Nigeria's Minister of Aviation, has announced that will be the new domain name used by the recently announced Nigeria Air. Sirika announced this on 24 July 2018 when he also revealed further details on the incorporation of Nigeria's flag carrier.

![Nigeria Air Domain Name](/content/images/2018/07/IMG_-8rmygy.jpg)
What you see when you visit (as it appeared at the time of publishing).

On 18 July 2018, Minister Sirika announced, during a press conference held at the Farnborough International Airshow in London, that the country's government had started with plans to launch Nigeria Air later in 2018.

β€œFurther to the incorporation of the company with nominal directors, the domain name,, has been reserved and will be made active very soon as part of the project evolution and marketing process. Some people, whose only desire is to steal Nigeria’s commonwealth by hawking domain names, will not a get a kobo from the people of Nigeria. They can eat their domain names,” said Sirika Hadi, Nigeria's Minister of Aviation.

Domain names for Nigeria Air

Last week, through aiAfrikan investigation, we discovered that several premium Nigeria Air related domain names had been registered by private individuals. Apart from, which had initially been registered in 2004 and is listed as being owned by a certain "J H Kim" from the Republic of Korea, most of the Nigeria Air related domains had been registered on the day of the announcement or after the announcement by the Minister at the Farnborough International Airshow.

![Nigeria Air Domain Name](/content/images/2018/07/20180728_152716.jpg)
WHOIS record for

List of known Nigeria Air related domains:

  • NigeriaAir.Africa (registered by iAfrikan's parent company, iAfrikan Digital)
  • Many more derivatives that include the spelling as "Nigeria-Air"

However, despite Sirika saying that the domain had been reserved for the airline, when you visit the URL (at the time of publishing), it states on the front page "An AviaTech Startup Company."

Furthermore, adding more jet fuel to the ongoing fire that Nigerian authorities forgot to register a domain name for Nigeria Air, is that was registered on 19 July 2018 using a Gmail account.

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