Andela, the company training software developers across Afrika, will be opening its main software development hub in Kigali, Rwanda. The hub will be opened in partnership with the east Afrikan country's Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Andela was launched in 2014 with the aim of investing in Afrika’s talented software developers through educating them and placing them on projects with their clients.

β€œWe are thrilled to have found a partner in the Government of Rwanda whose mission is so closely aligned with our own: to grow and sustain a pan-African elite tech workforce. In Kigali, we have found a location that makes travel to-and-from other African countries seamless and also has the modern and connected infrastructure we require to collaborate with a global workforce,” said Jeremy Johnson, co-founder, and CEO at Andela.

Training software developers

What is interesting is that Andela is saying that their software development in Rwanda will be their first pan-Afrikan hub. This is because, according to the company, Rwanda has "strong existing infrastructure and ease of access for developers across the continent."

software developers Andela

Software developers at Andela.

As part of its ongoing growth and expansion across Afrika, Andela raised a $40 million Series C funding round led by CRE VC. A first in that the round was led by an Afrikan venture capital firm.

Since 2014, Andela has hired and developed more than 700 software developers across Afrika. Some of them have since worked on projects with more than 150 global companies, including Viacom, Pluralsight, and GitHub while setting new standards for engineering culture.

β€œWe are delighted to partner with Andela to build the next generation of technology leaders who will lead innovation in Kigali and beyond. Through partnerships, such as the one we are announcing today, we are accelerating Kigali’s growth as a global technology hub while also advancing skills development and employment opportunities for young, talented Africans,” said Clare Akamanzi, Chief Executive Officer at RDB.

The Kigali tech campus will officially be launched during December 2018, with applications from potential candidates opening during August 2018.

Cover image credit: Andela team with RDB in Rwanda. Andela

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