Twitter has announced stricter rules and requirements for developers to register and use it's platform. This includes a new developer application process which includes use case reviews and compliance checks.

Furthermore, the social media platform is also introducing "new protections" to stop developers registering "spammy" and low-quality apps.

Twitter app management

New app management on

"We do not tolerate the use of our APIs to produce spam, manipulate conversations, or invade the privacy of people using Twitter. Between April and June 2018, we removed more than 143,000 apps which violated our policies, and we’re continuing to invest in building out improved tools and processes to help us stop malicious apps faster and more efficiently. To this end, in addition to continuing our work to remove problematic apps after they're already active, we are taking steps to limit the access these apps have to our platform in the first place," wrote Twitter's Yoel Roth and Rob Johnson in a statement announcing the changes.

Marching on after the Twitter purge

The new changes and rules for developers follow on a recent announcement by Twitter regarding purging "suspiscious accounts." The Twitter purge, as it was known, resulted in some popular Twitter users losing a high percentage of followers resulting in speculation that they had "bought" followers (bots).

"Alongside changes to the developer account application process, we’re introducing new default app-level rate limits for common POST endpoints, as well as a new process for developers to obtain high volume posting privileges. These changes will help cut down on the ability of bad actors to create spam on Twitter via our APIs, while continuing to provide the opportunity to build and grow an app or business to meaningful scale. These changes only impact a small percentage of apps active in our ecosystem today, but will apply to all apps that create Tweets, Retweets, likes, follows, or Direct Messages."

You can read about all the changes for developers here.

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