Startup Grind has announced it's return to Zimbabwe. The relaunch of Startup Grind's Zimbabwe Chapter will kick off with an event titled "An Evening with EcoCash CEO Natalie Jabangwe."

The event will be held on Wednesday 25 July 2018 from 6 pm at The Venue in Avondale, Harare. the event is running under the theme: Insights to Making Your Way to Success.

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More details on the "An Evening with EcoCash CEO Natalie Jabangwe" event by Startup Grind Harare.

What to expect from Startup Grind in Zimbabwe

StartUp Grind bills itself as an "entrepreneurship hub". It is active in 400 cities in 170 countries around the world. They hope to add Zimbabwe's promising startups to the 1 million entrepreneurs across the globe that they've so far helped develop and run their businesses.

The inaugural event in Harare will be hosted by Chelsea Evans, Director at StartUp Grind.

"The event will be an evening of talks surrounding the implementation, adoption, and use of Mobile Money and what it means for businesses across the region. With Mobile Money being one of the most used transaction methods in commerce across Zimbabwe, the event is to create dialogue and ensure that entrepreneurs and SME's are staying ahead of the curve by utilizing mobile money to its fullest potential."

StartUp Grind says this event is the first of many to come that will feature high-caliber keynote speakers on the last Wednesday of each month.

To keep with the theme and given that Zimbabwe is mostly a cashless society, entry for the event is $10 via EcoCash or at the door. EcoCash has over 90% market share as far as Zimbabwe's mobile money sector is concerned having also passed the milestone of processing $23 billion worth of mobile money transactions since its launch.

Cover image credit: Africa Unity Square, Harare, Zimbabwe. Wikimedia Commons

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