Nigeria's Vice President, [Professor-Yemi-Osinbajo]( Yemi Osinbajo), was the guest of honour towards the end of June 2018 to open one of Lagos' new technology and innovation hubs named the Vibranium Valley project. The tech hub and office space was comissioned by Venture Garden Group and designed by Spacefinish.

The Vibranium Valley project boasts facilities like a conference and training rooms, a sky lounge, cafeteria, nap rooms, an audio studio, meeting rooms, and workspaces.

β€œOur goal is to redefine the idea of what an office space should look like, from the rigid spaces they currently are today into spaces that are more dynamic and supports the way the employees work,” said Remi Dada, CEO at Spacefinish.

The Vibranium Valley project also doubles up as the headquarters for investment firm, Venture Garden Group. The 2,500 square meter tech hub and office space is located at the former Concord Press office in Ikeja, Lagos.

Lagos Vibranium Valley Project

The opening of the Vibranium Valley project comes not so long after Facebook partnered with CcHub in Lagos to open their first ever hub space in Afrika known as the NG_Hub. Facebook's NG_Hub is also located in Lagos and will focus mainly on training and skills development.

β€œWhen it comes to building innovative workspaces, similar to what you will find in tech communities like Silicon Valley, Spacefinish intends to continue providing the right office environment for local companies to become more innovative, productive, and collaborative,” concluded Dada.

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