The 7th Annual SITEisfaction report has awarded FNB South Africa the "Best Digital Bank" in South Africa award for 2018. FNB was also announced the winner of the Best Mobile Banking and Best Internet Banking categories as well.

The awards organizers also noted that FNB’s rise in satisfaction levels was not as prominent as Capitec’s decline in satisfaction levels, thus resulting in them being named the best across all three categories.


“When it comes to the world of mobile banking, security ought to be the utmost priority and concern – as technological counter-measures evolve, so do criminals. While a handful of banks did take the initiative to educate their customers on the looming threats, the message is far from reaching saturation in the South African market. The onus is on the banks to create banking platforms that are as secure as they are perceived to be, and to continually remind customers about new and potential threats – if they can get the security right, we’d have the tools to create a truly end-to-end digital banking solution, with less need to visit a branch ever again," said Dr Henk Pretorius, co-founder and CEO at Columinate.

Launched in 2012, <" target="_blank">Columinate’s SITEisfaction survey is an annual measure of customer satisfaction with digital banking services in South Africa and rates each banking institution with a SITEisfaction score out of a possible 100. The report is the only one of its kind to focus exclusively on these digital services and the South African banking sector considers it to be an essential feedback tool, as it reveals the behaviours and experiences of the banks’ online customers. To date, the SITEisfaction survey has engaged more than 13,000 internet and digital banking users, focusing specifically on the trends that shape the digital banking landscape.

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