In its bid to help NGOs in South Africa to leverage their presence on Facebook to champion their causes, the social media platform hosted over 100 NGOs in Johannesburg to discuss, learn, and train them. The event, named "NGO Day" by Facebook, was also attended by members of civil society, policymakers and government representatives.

Facebook also announce on the day that it had partnered with three NGO's to co-host and discuss topics relevant to the community in South Africa.

Facebook NGO Day

L to R: Emilar Gandhi, Public Policy Manager SADC at Facebook Africa; Deputy Minister of communications, Ms Pinky Kekana; Ebele Okobi Director of Public Policy Facebook, Africa; Sherry Dzinoreva, Public Policy Programs Manager Facebook EMEA.

β€œWith more than 20 million people on Facebook in South Africa and 2 billion globally, Facebook continues to be an effective and safe place for NGOs to engage with their target audience, build their skills, and engage with each other. We’ve seen the effective and successful use of the platform internationally and here in Africa, especially in dealing with health and disaster-relief issues. As a financially affordable tool for NGOs to use – where they can share ideas, convey information or collate relevant data and to reach out to those they want to assist, Facebook continues in its commitment in supporting and investing in various communities across the continent, and I believe this event is just another step in helping the NGO community in South Africa to achieve their goals,” said Emilar Gandhi, Public Policy Manager SADC at Facebook.

Facebook offered various trainings and workshops including social media best practice and how to use the latest tools to engage with existing, and potential supporters and donors. In an event attended by NGOs, members of civil society, policymakers and government representatives, NGO Day provided an open forum for attendees to discuss and learn, and for Facebook to hear directly from its users.

β€œCivil society has over the years contributed immensely towards addressing some of society’s most dire needs such as HIV, gender inequality, and child abuse. We play a vital role in bringing together communities and networks from the local, regional, and global levels. What is often missing is fully amplifying the remarkable work which we do on a daily basis. This event with Facebook is very critical and will help many organisations to highlight the amazing things they do online and get more people involved in causes that address some of the inequalities that still exist,” said Nomsa Daniels, CEO at the Graca Machel Trust, one of the NGOs who co-hosted the day with Facebook.

Cover image credit: NGOs and Facebook representatives at NGO Day held in Johannesburg.

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