Joseph Mucheru, Kenya's Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, has said that the Draft Data Protection Bill will be published during June 2018 for consideration and comment. The Draft Data Protection Bill will focus on how various businesses and organizations should handle the personal data of Kenyans.

Furthermore, the draft Bill is expected to outline and specify how the personal data should be collected, stored and distributed (shared).

”We cannot ignore the fact that we have become a digital economy and therefore we need to have all the protections that are needed,” said Mucheru earlier in June 2018.

Mucheru also added that Kenya's Draft Data Protection Bill will also be looking to other data privacy and protection standards and laws outside of Kenya. These include the European Union's recently launched General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The other law that Mucheru and his colleagues are likely to have a look at is South Africa's Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) which has been commended by many legal experts as one of the best data protection laws in the world although it is not yet in full use.

The draft Bill is expected to be published before the end of June 2018. The final version will only be compiled after the Kenya's Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology has received input from the various stakeholders including the general public. Once that input is received, Mucheru and colleagues will present it to parliament.

Apart from creating a law to regulate how personal data is handled in Kenya, the draft Bill is also viewed by many as one of the government's steps towards regulating Kenya's FinTech sector, especially mobile-based micro-lending.

The draft Data Protection Bill is the second in two months published for comment in Kenya also looking at regulating the FinTech sector. In May 2018, Kenya's Ministry of Finance published a draft bill to regulate, among others, the high interest rates charged by mobile-based micro-lenders.

Joseph Mucheru. Wikimedia Commons

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