Uber has notified its driver partners in Egypt that it will be adjusting service pricing to allow them "maintain their benefit while driving for Uber." This follows a recent petrol price increase in Egypt which had many Uber drivers worried that their costs will be going up while Uber prices remain the same.

This is in contrast to South Africa where Uber drivers took to the streets to protest against Uber keeping prices unchanged while petrol prices increased.

β€œUber works best when drivers and passengers benefit. Hence, after the increase in gasoline prices, we must change prices to help partners maintain their benefit from driving with Uber,” reads the message Uber sent to driver partners in Egypt.

The price changes are effective immediately for Uber in Cairo, Alexandria, Delta, Hurghada, Mansoura, Tanta, Damanhour, Zagazig, and the Egypt's northern coast.

β€œWe believe in the importance of transparency and we are working to find suitable solutions for passengers and drivers partners.”

Uber in Egypt has recently been in the spotlight for both good and bad reasons. At the beginning of 2017 the ride-hailing platform announced that in 2017 it had crossed 150,000 registered drivers in Egypt. Following that, independent taxi drivers were successful in their court bid to have ride-hailing platforms, Uber and Careem, banned in Egypt citing they were competing unfairly as they were not subject to the same regulations that they have to abide by. The ban was later overturned as Egypt's authorities continue to discuss laws to govern and regulate ride-hailing platforms in the country.

Given the Uber price increases in Egypt, it remains to be seen whether Uber in South Africa will also consider increasing prices and hear the pleas of its driver partery.

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